Sunday, July 19, 2009


My little man enjoyed his first taste of vacation bible school this past week. he had so much fun. I was really worried he didnt enjoy it or get anything out of it because he acted so shy the whole time. he hardly smiled and didnt really talk during it, which for Dalten is super unusual, but he always said he wanted to go back. Finally Thursday night after the last evening he came home and spilled everything he learned. i am talking this kid sang five versus of a song i have never heard. He has a crazy memory. I was absolutely shocked. Now he wont stop singing them, which in my book is just great. =) Anyway tonight we went and watched the highlights they taped over the week. it was wonderful. and they made a copy for all parents. I was so excited. Everytime a picture came up of Dalten he would say "mom thats me sad" then he would smile and say but i am smiling now. ha Leave it to Dalten. =) Anyway here is a cute pic with his hat on he made at vbs. He would smile for me. =)

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