Monday, July 27, 2009

finished with week 3

week 3 is down and i have lost 26.5 lbs. i am only 10 lbs from my first goal. i am really hoping to hit it by the time i finish this round. i have 3 weeks or 10 lbs left. they suggest to lose no more than 34lbs but i figure an extra 2 wouldnt hurt. =) then i will take off for 4-6 weeks and do another round or phase 1 of the diet. anyway thats my update. its been a little hard this week. i am a huge snacker around that time of the month and it has been hitting me hard!!! hopefully week 4 will be easier.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Daven's Birthday Party

Daven had his first birthday party today. We had lots of fun with our family. We did the sesame street theme. Who doesnt love elmo? =) Anyway here a few pics from the party. So many good ones its hard to just choose a few. =)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Daven's 1st birthday

I can't believe it is already here. 1 year has come so quickly. My little man had a great day today celebrating lots of firsts on his 1st. He had eggs, he got to sit foward in the car seat, and he recieved his first hair cut. He is no longer my little baby but turning into my toddler who is starting to become more independant. I was really hoping it would go slower since this is my last one but he seems to be doing everything faster! Whats up with that. =) He even gave me his first kiss today. What a beautiful day it was for me. =)We celebrate his birthday on sunday so ill throw some pics up then but here are a few from today. He is my angel!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


My little man enjoyed his first taste of vacation bible school this past week. he had so much fun. I was really worried he didnt enjoy it or get anything out of it because he acted so shy the whole time. he hardly smiled and didnt really talk during it, which for Dalten is super unusual, but he always said he wanted to go back. Finally Thursday night after the last evening he came home and spilled everything he learned. i am talking this kid sang five versus of a song i have never heard. He has a crazy memory. I was absolutely shocked. Now he wont stop singing them, which in my book is just great. =) Anyway tonight we went and watched the highlights they taped over the week. it was wonderful. and they made a copy for all parents. I was so excited. Everytime a picture came up of Dalten he would say "mom thats me sad" then he would smile and say but i am smiling now. ha Leave it to Dalten. =) Anyway here is a cute pic with his hat on he made at vbs. He would smile for me. =)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

13 days and 20 lbs down

I have slowed my progress a lot but i new that would happen. i have gotten at least half a pound a day until this morning. i reached the zero mark. talk about depressing.i know it just had to be a little extra water though. i am eating no fat so i know its not that. yesterday and today have been kind of tough. not sure why but i have been craving food out the ying yang. i thought it would get easier as time went on not harder? i am hoping i might be creeping up on that time of the month issue and thats the reason for the hunger and craving pains! of course my hunger pains right now are coming from the smell of my husband and childrens extremely yummy looking pizza from papa johns! my 3.5 oz of super lean hamburger meat and handful of cabbage is not holding up against that!! i guess its time to go eat my apple. =) Just 28 days left though and only 16 lbs from my first goal. i am hoping i hit it or come really close. anyway i guess 20 lbs and 23 inches is pretty darn good for it not even being 2 weeks. Hopefully this week will be easier!

Monday, July 13, 2009

1 week complete..16 lbs down

I have completed 1 week of dieting. I have lost 16lbs and 18 inches. During my first MONTH of working out extremely hard at the gym i lost 19 inches so to me this is crazy i did it in a week. I am now losing between 1/2 lb to 11/2 a day. I havent seen the zero mark yet but i know it will hit pretty soon. But i have never been on a diet where i didnt have an off day and gain a lb or two. So we will just see what happens. I feel better each day,more energetic and less feelings on food. Dont get me wrong i still have my cravings but they arent near as strong. I am officially 20 lbs from my first major goal. I look foward to hitting that mark!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

day 5..down 1.5 lbs

woohoo, down another 1 1/2 lbs. i definitely like seeing more then 1/2 a lb in a day but i am perfectly content with 1/2 lbs as well. i know i will have plenty of those and some zeros too but as long as i dont have plus signs i'll be happy. yesterday was a little rough for me and i am not sure why but i was really craving some food. I stuck to my guns though and only ate what i was supposed to. it obviously paid off for me today. So 5 days down and 14 lbs smaller. Very exciting things. Only 22 lbs from my first major goal. I am really hoping i hit that milestone during my first 40 day round. I am definitely heading in that direction though so i have high hopes. =)

Friday, July 10, 2009

day 4..down .5 lb

another half lb gone. i should be ecstatic but i cant help feel a tinge of dissapointment after the other great numbers i have had. i new it would slow down soon enough though. i just hope it stays to 1/2 or 1 lb a day. that would be awesome! My moms numbers are still staying steady so i have good reason to hope. 13 lbs in 4 days is nothing to sneeze at though. Yesterday was another good day though i started getting signs of womenly monthly issues. I am assuming the drastic change in diet is going to mess me up in that area. i guess i should be grateful i didnt gain any. =)other then a little extra craving and some crankiness though i was fine. =) i am ready to start day 5.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

day 3..down 2.5 lbs

2.5 more lbs down. yeah!! it sure is nice seeing the scale going in that direction. its been too long since it has done that!! yesterday was another good day. I am not hungry and not getting tempted by other food. Not thati dont still think about it from time to time, cause like i said i am addicted, but it is not unbearable. =) i stayed up late with pool league last night, which i may add i kicked some serious booty. 7 out of 10 games. =) i got a little hungry come 10 but lots of water helped though having to rush to a bathroom where my 5'2 inch body actually touched the door was not so much fun. ha i cant imagine what tall people go through i mean come on people its time to expand. anyway love sharing great news hopefully more tomorrow. =)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July faves of my babes

2nd day eating healthy..down 6lbs

I am sorry did i read that right? Yes, yes i did. =) and i checked 3 times to make sure that scale wasnt playing a joke on me. 10 lbs in 2 days is notbad. now i know you lose the most in the first few days so i am not getting my hopes up on it continuing. But this is a very good motivator! Yesterday was not hard either. I truly find i am not that hungry. yesterday i split my dinner up to where i had my apple and peice of melba toast at 8 when i usually get hungry. this helped a lot! I already find my energy is getting higher. That is a huge plus in my book. I do not like being lazy. And it is nearly impossible to be with three kids running around. Well i will update again tomorrow. =)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

3rd day,first day of eating right..down 4lbs

yeah! i am so excited to see the scale moving in the other direction. i am sure the next few days weight loss will be water retention but i will take whatever weight loss i can get. ha yesterday was not near as hard as i feared and i actually was not cranky like i figured. i just new making food for everyone else would bother me but it didnt. I did not stay hungry but mentally i craved food. like i said i am addicted. i know it will take my body a few days to detox from this. around 8pm i did start to get a little hungry. not sure if its cause i slowed down on water or becuase that is when i snack the most. I like to enjoy food once the kids are in bed for two reasons 1)i finally can enjoy some food without 3 kids pulling in my leg begging for some and 2)i am super bored with nothing to do. I am very glad for the not being hungry part though.i know if i can get past this addiction phase i can handle the next two months with no problems. Well i am off to start another day. I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes.

Monday, July 6, 2009

2nd day..up 1.5

I have gained a total of two lbs which is not much compared to most. this makes me worry that 1) the weight gain will all hit tomorrow when i should lose or 2) this diet wont work for me. But i am trying to think positively. i am definitely ready to get through today. i am already thinking about food constantly. I am such an addict it is sickening. But i know i can do it and i think once the scale is going the other way i will have good motivation. My mom is on day 8, 11 1/2 lbs smaller and says she feels terrific and is now over her constant cravings. so my week countdown is on.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

1st day of diet complete..up.5lbs

Well i started my diet yesterday. One of the two days you are supposed to eat all you can to get your fat reserves up. I honestly tried but only went up .5 lbs. A lot of people go up 8 or so in the first two days. I have alot of eating to do today.haha but i just ate a small microwavable sausage biscut and am stuffed. so this is not going to be as easy as i thought. when my mom started last weekend i told her she was crazy for saying she couldnt eat much but now i completely understand. Anyway off to another start, i'll update again tomorrow.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Old pics

Here is a pic from Kaydens 1st,2nd and 3rd 4th of July. I wish i could find Daltens first few years but when my husband got a virus a few years ago it wiped out all pictures. =( This years 4th pic is obviously from a week ago but i did her 4th outfit. =)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's been a while...

Well its been a while since i last blogged so i figured i would update everyone on the Hall household though pretty much everything is the same. =)

I am now officially a college student again. I have been saying i was going to go back for years and now i have completed all the steps to do it. I start in August. I have a long road before i graduate but at least i have started down the path. I am very excited yet very nervous all at the same time!

Darren is doing very well these days. He is now a supervisor in his company and has the hours to prove it. He works 9-9 (at least) everyday and starting next weekend will have to work saturdays as well for 6 weeks. I mean he did increase his pay by almost 50% but sheesh cut the man some slack he has to see his family too. =) I am being a very supportive wife though and not saying a word. Thats why i am blogging about it here. lol

The kids are all doing great. We went out on the boat last Sunday and Kayden is now becomming a water baby like Dalten. Daven loved his first time in the water as well but got a horrible sunburn. NOT GOOD!!! luckily it went away very quickly and he acted as though he had no pain. and now he is darker then me. little terd. =)

Saturday is the 4th and i am so excited to celebrate this holiday with my friends and family. We always have such a good time getting together and playing volleyball and horseshoes. The friends are great and the food is fabulous. what else can you ask in a party? =)

The 4th is also the day to remember our troops and the reason we have freedom. I have so many friends and family that serve or have served in the US Army. I thank God each day for them and all our other soldiers. On this day i hope everyone remembers and if you pass a soldier i hope you say THANKYOU!! I know i will be thinking of my heros on this day; My dad who served in vietnam along with all my uncles including my Uncle JC who is a retired Marine Corporal. My cousin Wes who is a Lieutenant Kernel in the airforce, his wife Angela who is a Captain in the airforce, and my baby cousin Jared(my uncle JC's son) who is a staff sergant in the Marines.

Now on to me. =) Besides school nothing much else has changed. I still stay home with my beautiful children. I love it but as in any job you have your ups and downs. I try to be a good mom and a good wife but i know i am not giving 100% of what i can because i am not happy with me. I try to be but i am just miserably fat and i cant stand it. I know most people including myself say well if you dont like it change it and i completely agree with this but there is one small problem with that. i am ADDICTED to food. I can do a diet for a month or two and then i cheat one time and its like the spell is broken. i want food again. I do work out and have been for several months now. i do feel better but am seeing NO results on the scale. This gets so discouraging. People say you should figure out what makes you eat so i try to. i eat when i am depressed, i am depressed because i eat, it is an awful circle. lol i honestly have no other depressions in my life and it is so sad because i know my marriage would be so much stronger if i was happy with me. i shut darren out a lot due to my self consciousness and it is not right to do that to your husband. He is so supportive of me and tells me all the time he does not care if i am fat he loves me for me and if i gain more weight he will still love me. But when the first thought i think of when i meet people he introduces me to is "i bet they are wondering why he's with a fat girl" i know i have some serious issues. i now understand why so man people opt for gastric bypass. Its not the easy way out like i always thought, its a way for your stomach to say NO MORE FOOD. i still would prefer not to ever go that route but i sure want to be here for my kids too. I am starting a new diet on Saturday. I am not going to really go into the plan or what i will be doing untill i start seeing results and people ask me about it. I have some friends that i worked with at dobson who are all on it and swear by it so we shall see. My mom started it this last saturday and has seen results. I will blog about it though. it is not an easy diet so maybe if i am blogging about it it will help me stay firm and give me something to do besides stuff my face. =) Just a warning though you are supposed to eat all you can the first two days so i will be gaining but you are supposed to lose it in the first 48 hours after the two days. anyway we will see. If anyone actually made it this far thanks for reading. and i will be updating soon. =)

Have a HAPPY 4TH,