Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Random thoughts Tuesday

We finally got a house. We move in friday. i am so excited and can not wait! Now if only someone else would do the moving for us. =)

Dalten was drawn for school. yeah! so he will defintely be starting next year. i also looked at all the other schools and in the whole district only 1 school did not get completely filled up and have a waiting list. it just happens to be the school who's district we just moved into. woohoo. lucky week for us. =)

Dalten has been pooping on himself again. I just dont know what i am going to do with that kid. so frustrating! maybe now that he will have his own bathroom he will go more. doubtful but maybe.

i have become addicted to craigslist this week. I look at it non stop just waiting for something to pop up i want and in my price range. haha hey thats where i found my house. =)

well i guess i dont have too many random thoughts tonight. my mind is fuzzy cause i am so tired. guess i'll hit the sack. nighty-night

Saturday, April 25, 2009

growing up

My kids are 9 months, 2 and 4 but yet i already find myself dreading them growing up. It may have something to do with my sisters teenager and all the issues he is having. I keep telling myself that ours wont be like that though cause they will be from a family where both parents are there and love them. I guess we can never really know though. I dont believe at all that all screwed up people came from split unhappy homes. I think some people are just born crazy!I think my biggest fear is my daughter. She is already so demanding and stubborn. It's amazing how much you can butt heads with a 2 year old. ha I have also always been told that girls and mothers have conflict during puberty years. I guess it is all the hormones in both woman going crazy. I just read a fabulous book called Firefly Lane. It was great though it definitely helped play on my fears as a mother of a girl. =) I really hope i can be mother and friends with my children. I want them to respect me but trust me and come to me as well. I just wish everything i wanted was actually reality. It's funny all the things you say you will never do that you end up doing. Yelling for example. I have always seen my sister yell at her boys and thought oh my goodness i am not going to do that. well guess what. i do. and i absolutely hate it. They honestly dont listen to me though when i dont. I truly am working on this but they defintely test me each day. I watch nanny 911 darn it and her methods dont always work. lol Maybe i should call her. =) Anyway i think i got off track. my thoughts always scatter like that. thats why i am not a good writer. but if your reading this its probably cause you love me anyway. =) Those are my fears at the moment. they grip me every now and again and i figured i would just write it out. Hope everyone has a great Sat.

ps if you havent read that book i would suggest it. =)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random thoughts Tuesday

So Darren has gone out the last two weekends in a row. I decided this would be my weekend. I get home while ago and have an email inviting darren to a bachelor party this weekend. I just cant catch a damn break!! I dont think anyone realizes just how bad i need a drink. lol

On the same note as above i told Darren that when i go out this time i am staying the night with his mom (as he always does) and he is getting up through the night with the kids and waking up with them in the morning. Our oldest son is 4 and Darren has never gotten up with the kids. In fact i have only gone out one time to drink and left him with the kids. And that one time i went i had to be home by 11 and was still expected to get up with the kids in the morning. Now i guess in all fairness its not like it was demanded of me by him he just didnt get up. So i think it is very much my turn to sleep in.

Still on search for a house. It is getting very frustrating and very dissapointing. I guess people are getting very strict now that the market is the way it is. argh!!

On a good note since my last thoughts were all b*tching i got a new table today. new to me anyway. haha Now i am on the search for beds and a computer table.

Daven had his 9 month checkup today. He weights 20 lbs. He is in the 50% tile and for anyone who thinks that is big he is my first baby not to be in the 90%, so to me he is super tiny!! He was growing perfectly and right on schedule with all his milestones. I think he will be walking soon, which would mean my earliest walker. But you never can tell i could be wrong. He sure loves to let go though.

My oldest Dalten is forever stubbing his toe outside. It never fails everytime he goes out without shoes he comes in bleeding. You would think he would learn to throw his shoes on! ha. Anyway yesterday he went out and tore off half his big toe nail. it is so gross and he hurts so bad. i feel so bad for him. he cant even walk on it. my poor little big boy.

And on a fabulous note it is coming up on two weeks with absolutely NO POTTY ACCIDENTS!! woohoo!! He is finally truly my big boy.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random thoughts Tuesday

Dalten is still pottying without any pushing from mom. woohoo!!

I put Daltens name in to start pre-k in August. he is so excited, as am i!!

We are house hunting. We found the perfect house for us and someone either beat us to it or they didnt like our application. =( Now every house i look at i compare to that one. I am finding it very rare to find a house that big for that amount so i am praying something comes along soon!!! We are sooo ready to have enough space for us to live in!!

My sweet little Daven has not slept through the night in over a week now. Another tooth has popped out so hopefully the other three trying to will pop out soon and we can get back to a normal sleep schedule. Hopefully that is the issue anyway.

Daven is getting so big. He has started to let go while holding on to the couch to either just stand there or to reach for another piece of furniture. sometimes i think he forgets he cant walk. lol Though i dont think it will be long before he is walking.

The kids are getting their pics done on Friday. It was originally scheduled as family pictures but i want to lose more weight before we do those.

Speaking of losing weight i am at a stand still and completely frustrated. i now understand why so many large people have the gastric bypass. i used to think of it as the lazy way out but now i know i was completely wrong. i would do it in a heartbeat if i had the chance. there is nothing more frustrating then working out 7 days a week, watching what you eat and not losing anything. thats a whole other blog though. maybe i will start writing on that topic. i have heard it helps some people to blog about their weight struggles.

guess thats it. hope everyone has a great tuesday!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

havent blogged in a while

So i have been kinda skipping out on the whole blogging thing. This has been a crazy week. I thought i was pregnant with number 4. whew scary!! lol Though i dont think i will ever feel that done feeling i know beyond a doubt we are not ready for another one. so lets just say that scared some perspective my direction. Darren is getting closer to testing his stuff to make sure he is all good so that will be a relief not having to worry about it anymore. Now let me just pray nothing is wrong with me and i start soon. It is very unusual for me to be late. especially this late. Jess maybe you shouldnt mention this to Darrell just yet. Darren may get mad at me if he brings it up and he wasnt the one that told him. =)

On a happier note Dalten has pooped on the potty the last two days. For anyone reading this who doesnt know i have been potty training my son for forever!! He pooped and peed on the potty for an entire month before our 3rd son was born and then reverted back to not going at all. I heard some kids do that for a little while but i had no idea it would be 8 months before he would start again. I have not put him in a diaper since his 4th birthday but he has pooped on himself almost every day. He hasnt had any pee accidents but i am constantly saying do you have to pee, do you have to poop? Finally yesterday he goes oh man i gotta poop and jets to the bathroom. woohoo!! finally! He did it again today. I have not had to prompt him on peeing or pooping. i am praying this is finally the end of accidents. at least for the most part. I really want him to start pre-k this year and i told him they will kick him out if he poops on himself. lol I sign him up on monday. what a scary thought! they just grow so darn fast.

Since i am giving dalten props i better give kayden props too. She is my newly 2 year old and she poops and pees on the potty all the time. I havent truly started potty training her but she does it on her own. She pulls her pants and diaper off and runs to the bathroom door yelling i gotta poo poo. lol

I guess that is about it for my updates this week. I hope everyone has a great easter sunday. I wish we didnt have to celebrate inside but it should still be nice for the kiddos. =)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009