Tuesday, July 7, 2009

3rd day,first day of eating right..down 4lbs

yeah! i am so excited to see the scale moving in the other direction. i am sure the next few days weight loss will be water retention but i will take whatever weight loss i can get. ha yesterday was not near as hard as i feared and i actually was not cranky like i figured. i just new making food for everyone else would bother me but it didnt. I did not stay hungry but mentally i craved food. like i said i am addicted. i know it will take my body a few days to detox from this. around 8pm i did start to get a little hungry. not sure if its cause i slowed down on water or becuase that is when i snack the most. I like to enjoy food once the kids are in bed for two reasons 1)i finally can enjoy some food without 3 kids pulling in my leg begging for some and 2)i am super bored with nothing to do. I am very glad for the not being hungry part though.i know if i can get past this addiction phase i can handle the next two months with no problems. Well i am off to start another day. I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes.

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