Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random thoughts Tuesday

I am stealing this idea from my sister in law Jess. I thought it was cute..along with your wordless wed. Jess. =)

I just celebrated my kids birthday party and i already have both their birthday parties planned in my head for next year. All the way down to the cake. lol Yes i am weird!!

i sometimes feel like my child will be the last kid on the planet to potty train! and on that note i would love to send him to a potty training school. lol do they have those?

I just finished the book Twilight and it is so much better then the movie. It is crazy to me some of the important things a movie leaves out. I can't wait to start reading on the others.

Daven said dada yesterday for the first time. I was hoping at least one of my kids would say my name first but i guess it wasnt meant to happen. even though he says nana (pronounced like mama) so i am pretty sure he is calling for me. =)

Well i guess that is all the random thoughts i can think of at the moment. It is crazy how easily my mind can shut off from what i am doing when i hear my kids in the other room. I swear people probably think i am special when we are out in public. My train of thought is always gone. lol

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mommy Award

My sis-in-law Jess nominated me for this. She is too sweet. =) I don't know if i deserve it though. I love being a mom but sometimes i over anylize all the things i wish i was better at. I sure hope i am not the only one out there that does this. =) I sure will accept it though. lol thanks Jess!!

There are just a few rules re: this award.

Here's the first:1. Admit one thing you feel awful about involving being a mom.
Well as i previously stated i strive each day to be a b etter mom. There is always something or other i feel i could do better at. I am a yeller, which i HATE. I wish they had a rehab for it. lol This is something i am working on and slowly getting much better at but i have to admit sometimes it is my first reaction. I'll move on though since my sis used that one. =) I wish i was more of a schedule person. I feel kids need to be on a schedule to help them thrive but since i have been a stay at home mom i have yet to do this. I always thought i would have a nap time, play time, art time, story time, etc but real life happened and that went out the window. =) I am working on this as well though.

Rule #2: Remind yourself why you are a good mom.

I love my kids with every inch of my being and they know this. All three are very much mommas kids and there normally is not a time of the day that at least one of them is by me. I play with them as much as i can. even when this means bouncing from my butt to my feet 10, 20, 30 times in a row on the trampoline cause they think it is cool. lol There is a lot of laughing, tickling, and yes even play fighting in the house. We do a lot of reading and coloring. I have also recently started getting healthier at the gym which has made me a much better mom. I am much more active then i was and i am just going to continue getting better each day.

Rule #3: Send this to five other Moms that deserve the Mom of the Year Award and remind them that they are the best moms they can be! Remember to send a note to those you selected so they will be sure to receive their award. I guarantee it will make their day, just as it did mine!

Unfortanetly i am knew to blogging and have no one to list here. =( So i guess this is just for you Jess. lol Hopefully you read it. haha

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dalten Ezrick

My oldest little man turned 4 years old last Wed. Its so crazy how time flies by! of course i have had two other children in those four years so that helped speed it along. =) I still remember the excitement i had walking into the hospital at 5:30 that morning. It's so crazy the imaginings you can have about the unknown. I was scheduled for a c-section as Dalten was estimated to be very large. He did not dissapoint either as he came out a whopping 10lbs 4 oz (not even my largest baby). He looked like a gigantic sumo wrestler. lol I wish i had a picture saved on here right now so i could post it. It is soo funny! He was beautiful though. Black hair, black eyes, big dimples, perfect skin. I have enjoyed watching every moment of his life. Though excitement is there with every child you have it's not the same feeling as it is with your first. I don't mean the birth of the child but all of the firsts they have. The first smile, first word, first step, first i love you, etc. You can not replace that feeling with anything. Anyway i got way of what i meant to blog about. Tonight we have been getting ready for the birthday party we are throwing at chuck e cheese tomorrow. I made a huge cookie cake for Dalten and lots of cupcakes for Kayden. I decorated her tinkerbell cupcakes and Darren is decoreating the Ben 10 cake. I really hope this turns out well. He is a very good drawer but this is his first time working on a cake. =) Dalten is and always has been my little helper in the baking department. So tonight when i called him in to help me mix the cake batter (he helped me make his cake last wed.) he said "oh wow mom my cake, did i turn 5 now". lmao. he was so excited about this. He is definitely my comedian. I can always get a giggle when he is talking. Well my train of thought is gone, my 8 month old is screaming so i will leave it at that. thanks for listening to my ramblings. most of my blogs will be just that, ramblings! =)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Staying a mommy of three

Well i figure i better go ahead and write my first blog. For those of you who do not know me, my children are my life. They are the reason i wake up every morning (literally since it is crying i wake up to lol) and the reason i go to bed each night (because i am extremely exhausted from them wearing me out all day =)) But i absolutely adore them and wish i could continue having more. I always thought i would know when i was done but i have never reached that point. I know several people who were 100% sure after their first or second child that that was it for them. But here i am three kids later and i am still getting that yearning. They seem to get so independant so fast. I miss that tiny baby that just wants you to hold them and love them. My husband on the other hand is DONE. He got the "i know" feeling. Of course he had the i know feeling after two so i should count myself blessed i got 3. And i do very much! I also completely agree with the fact we need to stop as kids are expensive and we havent won the lottery yet. =) I just cant shake that yearning feeling. Maybe one day i will but untill then i will just continue to love on my sweet babies and since my husband got fixed today enjoy staying a mommy of three.