Thursday, November 25, 2010

What I am soooo Thankful for!

Trying to get a picture of all 4. lol NOT HAPPENING! haha My dear husband and 3 great kids.

 My baby boy Daven., 2 years old
 My Oldest son Dalten, 5 years old
 My baby girl Kayden, 3 years old
They make my heart complete.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Teacher Thanksgiving gift

I don't know if you are anything like me but as a stay at home mom i am broke quite often! Especially around the holidays when i am making tons of deserts and presents.  So here is an idea for a cute teacher gift just to let her know you appreciate her and are thinking of her.  I know gifts for teachers are not required but i like to give them something small on every holiday (and something bigger for christmas and end of year).  Something holiday themed.  I will start posting the crafts i make for each holiday.  i can tell you now the st. patricks day one is super cute!!  So anyway last night Dalten and I made this cute little card for his teacher.  Word of warning, i AM NOT and artist and i HAVE the worst penmanship known to mankind. lol  But it's the thought that counts, right? =)
Dalten had so much fun making the "leaves"  he chose the colors and where to put them at. He liked making the leaves fall to the ground. haha  I was hoping he would make it fuller but he said it was complete. lol

With this we gave her a watchamacallit as this is her favorite candy/chocalate (which we discovered from our start of the year survey we gave her) and a filled Cornucopia.  We filled this waffle cone cornucopia with peanuts, pretzel m&m's and marshmellows.  here is a picture of it but i already had it in the sack and used my phone but i got the idea from this tutorial here  This is such a cute idea and actually what i am taking to my Thanksgiving celebration for all the kiddos, along with turkey poop, which i got from Mine for the Making =) so cute!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Finally a few finished crafts and a semi turkey clip tutorial

I made this cute little wreath for my door for the holidays.  I thought it was cute simple and cheap, which is what i am going for at the moment since all extra time needs to be spent on Christmas!! =) I do have to say i have a few picked out i am definitely going to have to make that will stay up the whole year!  I threw some green felt around it to show where it will hang but i will be getting cute ribbon to hang it with NOT FELT. =) Oh also i saw this idea somewhere in blog land but as my last post said my lap top died along with all my favorites. boo!

I was also able to finish a really super cute christmas gift that i am dying to post on here but since i have family that reads this i cant post it. =(  I'll have to after the holidays!

Does anyone else have a gamer husband?  I do thats for sure!!! And i am getting pretty tired of seeing his game room look like this:

So i have finally done something about it!!  I decided to make this CD holder for his wall with his favorite football team.  Now I am sure this could be a lot cuter (especially if it were for a girl haha) but i used all on hand items.  The only thing i bought for it was some extra black ribbon as i ran out halfway through and even though they FINALLY have sooner ribbon i opted not to spend extra money on it.  I mean i love OU but 5 bucks for a thing of ribbon...NOT happening!  My hubby has not hung it up yet so you dont get the finished look with CD's in it but here is what it looks like.  i thought it turned out cute. =)  Boomer Sooner!!

Okay so a girlfriend came over last night to shoot the bull and work on crafts in the process.  I had mentioned making turkey hair clips for our girls so she picked up some things she thought would be cute.  i had figured i would use ribbon but when i saw her idea i liked it so much better!  So here is a small tutorial for it.  First go out and buy these along with some brown, red and orang felt and some googly eyes.
Choose your colors and then cut off the thick pieces to glue to your turkey body for the feathers.  For the turkey body we just cut 2 peanut shaped pieces out of brown felt. roughly about 2 inches but i think mine was a little more.  We just free handed them so we both had differnt sizes but i thought the size looked cute on my daughters head. =)  Here is what it looks like gluing them on.

You can see we just glued them on one at a time on one of the peanut pieces.  After getting them glued on we took the other peanut (body) piece and glued it right on top so it looks like 1 complete body with feathers in the back.  We then glued on googly eyes, a teardrop red felt piece and an orange triangle piece for the nose and then glued a clip on back.  Here is the result. =)

Happy crafting!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

bloggy yumminess of the day

Okay so i lied.  I did find something this week that i just have to share.  If you like eggnog and you have not seen this post you are about to love me!! I have tried 3 deserts this week that sounded soooo good i could not stand to wait.  Of those 3 there is only one that my entire family LOVED!!!  In fact they are going to be a part of my holiday desert collection from now on and i am even making them for my family next week at Thanksgiving.  So if you have not seen this recipe at Making the World Cuter head on over there now, make them, and enjoy the yummy goodness you have created!!

Fabulous Finds Friday or not

So i thought i would start a new thing and do a Fabulous Finds Friday where i list my favorite things i found that week.  However, last night my laptop decided to stop working so all my fun finds are gone and with three kids i dont have time to find them all again. =(  Hopefully a friend of ours can get it up and going because i have soooo many things i want to try saved under my favorites.  A lot of those are things i wanted to make as Christmas gifts!!  So anyway you will now have to wait till next week for my fabulous finds. =)  I am having a craft party tonight with a couple girlfriends of mine though so maybe just maybe i will actually finish a project (i have about 3 or 4 started lol) so that i can post about it this weekend.  Time to get my booty in gear for Christmas.  School is making me run behind!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Hi guys, Kara over at Mine for The Making is sharing some printables with us.  She has an awesome blog with many great craft ideas, in fact her blog is where i won my first (and only so far lol) giveaway.  It is the beautiful family est. sign i posted about a few posts ago.  Anyway today she has a subway art printable that i will definitely be printing out.  I have been wanting some subway art for awhile now and this one is just perfect!!  I am also printing the hot chocolate one as i LIVE for hot chocolate in the winter time and it is just darn cute!! But really all of them are so go over there and check them out!! Here is her link.  Sorry i am not cool enough yet to know how to just show her name without showing the whole link. lol

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Things i have made part 2

Okay so this is all i am posting. Believe it or not there is more but i will just have to keep up with them now. =) Some of these things are things i have found on other sites but it has been so long i have no idea which sites to link them back to (even though i dont know how to lonk anyway ha). So i am sorry for not giving credit where credit is due. I will make sure on future posts to have that info.

This first picture is of some reindeer i made for family 2 christmas ago. I actually made 3 and the one not pictured is my fave but it was already with its owner when i took a pic. Also not sure why its blury like that but you can tell what i did. I was quite proud of these and am mad i did not make one for myself. Guess i better go buy a couple of garden posts. =) BTW when i gave these out i had one Uncle ask my husband how much i actually did, now is that sexist or what!! The only part i got help on was cutting the angle on the head because i do not have a tool that goes all the way through i had to turn it over and i could not get it even for the life of me!! i SOOOOOO need more tools. lots and lots of tools, as i LOVE wood working!!

I made this for my husbands desk and i love it. I already plan to make lots more with different sayings on them.

I made this for my moms bookshelf. It looks really good up there!

I made these leaf pillows from a fellow blogger. She is so smart, she found these placemats at walmart, ripped open a seam and filled them up. I just had to copy!! They really make my house feel like fall.

I love this headband though its not a great shot of it. It has 3 petals and 1 bead in the middle. I also made a cute yellow one with three smaller beads in the middle that i love too. This is also from a fellow blogger. Sorry i dont have their link. =(

I dont know why this is sideways but il go with it. You can tell what it is and its all out of t-shirt scraps. I have learned not to throw away anything these days. =)

Kayden likes to put this one in the middle of her forehead and tell me its a head light. lol

Minnie ears for Kayden and her cousins on our trip to Disneyland this summer.

This is a travel cars kit for the boys to play with in the car. I believe you can google car cozie for the tutorial on this one. I think this may be a christmas gift for some little people i know!

Here it is opened up.

A felt crown i made for a friends son. (i actully made 3 for all her sons)

Not a great pic of my two little ones but this is Dalten in his birthday crown. It has the numbers 5 on the side and this is Kayden in her St. Patty's day dress i made her.

Some crowns i made for the J's. =) My nephew and niece Jaxen and Jalyn.

This is a bracelet i made to remember our troops. I also made a pink ribbon one for breast cancer.

things i have made part 1

Wow as i was uploading these pictures i was surprised at how many things i had done. In fact there are several things i have never taken pics of. =) I will start blogging by project though and maybe just maybe one of these days i will do tutorials like so many of the blogs i follow. They are where i get so many of my ideas from!!

This first picture is of my beuatiful daughter in the valentines dress i made her. 2/14/10 Kayden 2 years old.

She loved making towels into capes so i thought a cape would be PERFECT for her.
These are cans i made for all the guys in my family last christmas, inside they had homemade brownies, bad call bricks and coasters to match their team. I thought they would be great on a desk for pens and pencils or on a dresser for change or whatever they wanted. i thought they were cute. =)

These are key chain chapstick holders. They didnt turn out as cute as they should have but i didnt have the right size ring so it scrunched up on top a little. But still holds chapstick well. =)

My step-sisters are both huge wine drinkers so i thought these wine charms would be great.

A tutu for my neice

And of course a matching tiarra. =)

My huge OU fan husband got a CD holder for his car viser.

These are some little girl shoes i made a friend

These are my favorite of all the shoes i have made. They were for my son. He loved them and they looked soooo comfy!

Some comfy boots or little house slippers/

Friday, November 12, 2010


I can't seem to make the pictures go after the blog so i guess you will have to read my blog after the pictures. lol Sorry!! I will work on that. =)

This first picture is what i am making from I am an Inspiring Artist. Here is the link, not sure if i am posting it correctly but it will take you to her page. =)

This next picture is from The Pink Peony of Lejardin. She also just put a post about the one Gwenny Penny did out of felt that is super cute too. In fact i cant decide which one i want to make!! But i think i am going with this one but with Gwenny Penny's sails. I follow all 3 of these blogs and i love them!! Great inspirations.

I have decided i need to start posting on the crafts i have made. I am constantly in the blog world looking for new ideas of things to make for myself or family. Right now i am on the search for mens gifts from ages 2-16 and 30-80. I actually think i have the little boys taken care of but i can not find crap for men!! I am on my laptop right now so my next post will have to include pictures of things i have already made. However here are a few of the crafts i am working on right now for Thanksgiving. Mine will probably not be as cute as theirs but these are too adorable not to share. I will make sure to post my picture when all is said and done!