Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Valentines Day pictures

I decided to make a valentines card this year for my family.  I normally only do Christmas and that is just on good years. lol  I am by all means NOT good at the whole card thing.  In fact, i still have written out christmas cards (addressed and all) from 5 years ago still sitting in a closet.  i dont know why this is so hard for me to do but it always has been.  Since this was a year with no Christmas cards i thought it would be the perfect time to do Valentines cards.  I can't wait till they come in so i can send them out cause i personally think they turned out cute.  Here is the final pics, just a little reminder to the fam of how much we love them. =)

BTW i never realized how hard it would be for a 2 year old to point to his eye and a 3 year old to make a heart shape.  She could not figure it out for the life of her and really i just straight lucked out that i got a shot with it actually looking like one! lol