Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's been a while...

Well its been a while since i last blogged so i figured i would update everyone on the Hall household though pretty much everything is the same. =)

I am now officially a college student again. I have been saying i was going to go back for years and now i have completed all the steps to do it. I start in August. I have a long road before i graduate but at least i have started down the path. I am very excited yet very nervous all at the same time!

Darren is doing very well these days. He is now a supervisor in his company and has the hours to prove it. He works 9-9 (at least) everyday and starting next weekend will have to work saturdays as well for 6 weeks. I mean he did increase his pay by almost 50% but sheesh cut the man some slack he has to see his family too. =) I am being a very supportive wife though and not saying a word. Thats why i am blogging about it here. lol

The kids are all doing great. We went out on the boat last Sunday and Kayden is now becomming a water baby like Dalten. Daven loved his first time in the water as well but got a horrible sunburn. NOT GOOD!!! luckily it went away very quickly and he acted as though he had no pain. and now he is darker then me. little terd. =)

Saturday is the 4th and i am so excited to celebrate this holiday with my friends and family. We always have such a good time getting together and playing volleyball and horseshoes. The friends are great and the food is fabulous. what else can you ask in a party? =)

The 4th is also the day to remember our troops and the reason we have freedom. I have so many friends and family that serve or have served in the US Army. I thank God each day for them and all our other soldiers. On this day i hope everyone remembers and if you pass a soldier i hope you say THANKYOU!! I know i will be thinking of my heros on this day; My dad who served in vietnam along with all my uncles including my Uncle JC who is a retired Marine Corporal. My cousin Wes who is a Lieutenant Kernel in the airforce, his wife Angela who is a Captain in the airforce, and my baby cousin Jared(my uncle JC's son) who is a staff sergant in the Marines.

Now on to me. =) Besides school nothing much else has changed. I still stay home with my beautiful children. I love it but as in any job you have your ups and downs. I try to be a good mom and a good wife but i know i am not giving 100% of what i can because i am not happy with me. I try to be but i am just miserably fat and i cant stand it. I know most people including myself say well if you dont like it change it and i completely agree with this but there is one small problem with that. i am ADDICTED to food. I can do a diet for a month or two and then i cheat one time and its like the spell is broken. i want food again. I do work out and have been for several months now. i do feel better but am seeing NO results on the scale. This gets so discouraging. People say you should figure out what makes you eat so i try to. i eat when i am depressed, i am depressed because i eat, it is an awful circle. lol i honestly have no other depressions in my life and it is so sad because i know my marriage would be so much stronger if i was happy with me. i shut darren out a lot due to my self consciousness and it is not right to do that to your husband. He is so supportive of me and tells me all the time he does not care if i am fat he loves me for me and if i gain more weight he will still love me. But when the first thought i think of when i meet people he introduces me to is "i bet they are wondering why he's with a fat girl" i know i have some serious issues. i now understand why so man people opt for gastric bypass. Its not the easy way out like i always thought, its a way for your stomach to say NO MORE FOOD. i still would prefer not to ever go that route but i sure want to be here for my kids too. I am starting a new diet on Saturday. I am not going to really go into the plan or what i will be doing untill i start seeing results and people ask me about it. I have some friends that i worked with at dobson who are all on it and swear by it so we shall see. My mom started it this last saturday and has seen results. I will blog about it though. it is not an easy diet so maybe if i am blogging about it it will help me stay firm and give me something to do besides stuff my face. =) Just a warning though you are supposed to eat all you can the first two days so i will be gaining but you are supposed to lose it in the first 48 hours after the two days. anyway we will see. If anyone actually made it this far thanks for reading. and i will be updating soon. =)

Have a HAPPY 4TH,


Jessica said...

Yeah for being a college student again! That's awesome! Where are you going & what are you studying?

Secondly--good luck with the diet. I can't wait to hear about the plan. It sounds kind of weird, LOL, but intriguing. I know you can do it!!!!! Weight is a struggle for everyone. Don't ever think differently. And like we were talking about at the lake, being physically fit is the most important thing. I'm sorry you're so unhappy with yourself, but I know you have the power & strength to do it. Keep us posted on here!

See ya tomorrow:)

Mommy of Three said...

thanks girl!! i know i can do it too. =)but i guess a 30 yearstruggle isnt going to happen overnight. =)

I am just doing my basics at the moment but its all towards teaching. I believe i have decided on 4th or 5th grade now. Try and get them out of babyhood but before smart mouth talking. lol I am taking classes at Rose but am doing them onlineso i dont have to go up there as much or put anyone out on babysitting.

Jessica said...

Excellent!! Best of luck to you--if you ever need any help with projects or anything, let me know. I may not have kept most of my stuff, but I remember a lot of it, LOL. And maybe the timing will work perfectly that by the time you hit student teaching, your kids will all be in school:)

Mommy of Three said...

thanks! i appreciate that. that is my hope as far as student teaching goes. which 4 years would be about right.