Monday, July 6, 2009

2nd day..up 1.5

I have gained a total of two lbs which is not much compared to most. this makes me worry that 1) the weight gain will all hit tomorrow when i should lose or 2) this diet wont work for me. But i am trying to think positively. i am definitely ready to get through today. i am already thinking about food constantly. I am such an addict it is sickening. But i know i can do it and i think once the scale is going the other way i will have good motivation. My mom is on day 8, 11 1/2 lbs smaller and says she feels terrific and is now over her constant cravings. so my week countdown is on.


Jessica said...

Have faith, chica... go into it positively, expecting the very best!! You've already got the workout part down, and exercise is the most important part. You can do it!

Mommy of Three said...

haha funny thing is you dont exercise on this plan. so i wont be working out again until the break, which i am going to do two rounds, so beginning of september. that will be wierd for me but gives me something tolook foward to in sep since i like lifting weights. i wont miss the cardio though at all. lol