Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Random Thoughts Tuesday

It has been forever since my last blog so i guess i'll hop back on the train.

We are finally all moved into a new home.Internet is up so it is official. lol
I still have lots to do but for the mostpart i am complete. Itsucksbeing the only unpacker. Plus i am getting rid of everything i dont need or want. i am tired of lugging stuff around just in case or because i feel guilty getting rid of it. I think i got rid of about 10 bags of toys. that is ridiculous!! i am sure i have even more to part with but hey its a start.

my summer is starting out great.i've already gotten away with the hubby for a float trip and cant wait for July 11th when we go back with the family. We hope to go again in August before school starts. I love being outdoors by the river or lake or even a pond. haha I think i have plans every weekend in July, which is very exciting. i love having fun things to do. Of course my favorite is the 4th. we do the same thing every year and it has never letme down in the fun area. i love my family and friends!!

My keyboard sucks. The space bar sticks which is why sometimes my words are together. i promise its not justme. lol whats sad is i fix most of them.

My baby Daven is walking. This is always when i really start craving another baby. They get so independant so fast. He doesnt want momma to just sit and hold him anymore. he wants to be where the action is. Heis pretty damn quick too. He walks, he climbs,and i am pretty sure soon we will addjumping to the list. He is not scared of a thing. just like his brother and sister. man i have my hands full!

Kayden is talking better and better each day. She is starting to become quite funny too. and she ALWAYS has to be center of attention. If we laugh at something one of herbrothers did she runs over and does the same thing only bigger and better. She is not one to be showed up. And you better laugh or clap for her cause if not she will stare you down until you do. ha she is going to be my wild one. i am scared already!!

Dalten is growing up so much these days. the things he says sometimes just amaze me. He starts school in August, just two short months away. i cantbelieve it! He is already excited too. We are still having bathroom issues though. very frustrating! andreally i dont think there is anything to be done. we have triedit all. we bribe, we ground, we spank, its hopeless. It is only pooping accidents. Hehasnt had a pee accident in months. He has never wet the bed either. And sometimes he will go poop on the toilet. when he wants some chocolate, or wants to go to the park but then the next day he'll poop on himself again. yesterday he yelled for me to come wip his buttand i hadnt even known he was on the toilet. i was soo excited!! i thought maybe this is it. that excitement was short lived as two hours later he was saying mom changemy butt i pooped. argh!!!!!!!!!! so FRUSTRATING!!!!!!

Not much new with Darren and i. He is still loving his job. It is so nice hearing him excited about things. It has been a long time since he hasbeen this way. It changes his whole personality. I guess that is anyone though. when your happy with yourself your nicer all around. But i think he really feels respected there and lord knows bub never did when he worked with him. I still love being home but i am starting to work on future plans. =) i'll talk about thatmore when i get things set in stone. way to often do my plans go sour and then i wish i had never saidanything to anyone. =)

Oh i started pool league up again. can i just say i am soooo excited. It has been so long and i have missed it. When i quit i was still working,dalten was in daycare and wheni got home i just wanted tobe home with him. i felt so guilty leaving him when i left him all week. Now though i am with them 24/7 and i look so foward to my one night out. i love doing something i love plus getting some adult interaction. and everynow and again i get to drink too. Darren and i take turns.

Anyway thats the updatesin the Hall house. I hope everyelse is enjoying their summer.