Saturday, July 18, 2009

13 days and 20 lbs down

I have slowed my progress a lot but i new that would happen. i have gotten at least half a pound a day until this morning. i reached the zero mark. talk about depressing.i know it just had to be a little extra water though. i am eating no fat so i know its not that. yesterday and today have been kind of tough. not sure why but i have been craving food out the ying yang. i thought it would get easier as time went on not harder? i am hoping i might be creeping up on that time of the month issue and thats the reason for the hunger and craving pains! of course my hunger pains right now are coming from the smell of my husband and childrens extremely yummy looking pizza from papa johns! my 3.5 oz of super lean hamburger meat and handful of cabbage is not holding up against that!! i guess its time to go eat my apple. =) Just 28 days left though and only 16 lbs from my first goal. i am hoping i hit it or come really close. anyway i guess 20 lbs and 23 inches is pretty darn good for it not even being 2 weeks. Hopefully this week will be easier!


Jessica said...

20 lbs is AWESOME!! And you're right, it's totally normally for the weight loss to stall. Just hang in there!!!

Anonymous said...

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