Monday, July 13, 2009

1 week complete..16 lbs down

I have completed 1 week of dieting. I have lost 16lbs and 18 inches. During my first MONTH of working out extremely hard at the gym i lost 19 inches so to me this is crazy i did it in a week. I am now losing between 1/2 lb to 11/2 a day. I havent seen the zero mark yet but i know it will hit pretty soon. But i have never been on a diet where i didnt have an off day and gain a lb or two. So we will just see what happens. I feel better each day,more energetic and less feelings on food. Dont get me wrong i still have my cravings but they arent near as strong. I am officially 20 lbs from my first major goal. I look foward to hitting that mark!!


Jessica said...

Ok...what's the status?? We haven't had an update in almost a week!

Mommy of Three said...

haha sorry i am writing one now. i just figured i would update weekly now. =)