Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Daltens First day of school

I am just going to post some pics for my brother Jon in case he is still checking out my blog. =) Dalten did great today,wheni asked what he learned he couldnt remember. when i asked if he went to the potty he said yes i peed but the girl next to me was pooping. lol He was all smiles so i know he liked it. Today started out rough though. it was a complete down pour, i had to park a block away,push a stroller with two kiddos, hold ones hand, and carry the schhol supply bag, book bag, and camera bag. We were drenched by the time we got there. no fun!! Then i came out to a flat tire. ha at least the year can only get better! I was too busy to get weepy and didnt have time to get hardly anything done before picking him up so i am pretty sure this year i will be just fine. now all day kindergarden next year i may be having a different story

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lazy Sunday

Well it has been a while since i have blogged. We havent really been up to much. Just doing back to school shopping and things getting ready for my big boy to start pre-k. We had orientation Friday and i teared up. I truly thought i would be ok until Kayden or Daven started but i guess i willbe teary with all three of them. I am so excited for him to start this new adventure. All the new things he is going to learn and the friends he is going to make are going to be awesome. But i guess i feel like my little boy is actually growing up and some day very soon he isnt going to need me in the same way he does now and that is so scary to me. Especially since the other two are just right behind him. It also means I AM getting older. lol I pretty much stopped celebrating birthdays after i got pregnant with Dalten. Mainly because i stayed pregnant. =) but as these huge milestones start coming up for my kiddos i cant help but think of how fast the years are flying by. I do look forward to all the fun activities we are going to be having in the near future but i am sure going to miss the baby stage. I still have another year or two before i am completely out of it but i know that will come very quickly! once school starts the years really fly by!! Anyway here area few phone pics i took being silly with the kids. the bad part about being the camera woman is i am never in the pictures!! So i took some myself big zit,no make up and all. lol Here are my 3 little treasures.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

week 4update

Sorry keep forgetting to write my week 4 process. i am down 30 1/2lbs. 6 lbs from my first goal. I am finishing phase 1 though. i couldnt do it another week. i am nervous about eating again though. supposedly you dont gain weight back but since i have been eating next to nothing it is scary to think i'll be eating a lot more. i guess we will see though. phase two is basically like the phase 1 of south beach. no sugar and no carbs. So most of my recipes will come from south beach. You do this for three weeks and then you can add carbs back in. i am hoping to lose at least 10 lbs before i start the phase 1 process again in 6 weeks. i would obviously love to lose more then that but i will be happy with 10 lbs. anyway thats all the update i have for now on dieting. i may stop putting down the amount lost. i am afraid pretty soon the numbers will be too embarassingly large to put down. =) i mean most people lose 30 lbs and have dropped 2 or 3 sizes and at their goal. i am in the same size and still have gazillions of more weight to lose. lol but thats ok. 1 day and 1 lb at a time. =)