Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lap Desks (my kids favorite Christmas gift)

I made my two oldest kids lap desks this year for Christmas and they LOVE them.  The lap desks and the eye spy bags are definitely their favorite gifts (or at least the ones they have used the most thus far).  I also made one for my niece who is a little older then my two and she loved it as well and her mom says she not only uses it to read and work on but she turns it over and uses it as a pillow!  I used chalkboard paint for my two little ones and my youngest son wanted to know where his was.  I felt so guilty but since he is not as into coloring as the other two are i did not think he would want one.  So i guess i will be making another one very soon!  So far they have mainly used them as chalkboards but my oldest son, who is 5, has used it to do his homework on and loved that he could now do it on his "lap". 

This one was made for my Niece Jalyn who is almost 7.
The next two were for my two oldest, Dalten 5 and Kayden 3.

And here are my cuties using them for the first time.

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