Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011 Resolutions

I normally do not do resolutions other then the normal i need to lose weight, but that sentence comes out of my mouth every month not just on new years!  I have decided to join the flock of bloggers who are making their lists in hopes that really thinking about what i want this year and writing it down will help emplore me to accomplish them. So here it goes;

1. Lose weight (haha i had too)
2. Every month change one thing about my diet plan to get it on a healthier track. If i can do more then 1 a month great but my goal is just for one thing. These things inlcude things from a list of advise from my friend Elizabeth, she is very knowledgable in this area and i trust her assesments on food.  Not sure where i will start but i better figure it out soon!
3. drink more water, which goes hand in hand with drinking less diet soda!  I love water and i am not sure why i tend to forgo it for diet coke? Hopefully i can change that this year.
4. Be less critical of my craft projects so that i can start selling them for extra money.  Selling things has been a goal of mine for quite some time but i see a flaw in everything i make and feel guilty charging people when i dont think it is perfect.  I also feel really guilty charging people more then it cost me to make it.
5. Get better at woodworking.  This kind of goes hand in hand with number 4 but i would really like to get better at woodworking skills.  I would love to make things i could sell to people and i am talking about decor for the house, the yard and possibly one day even furniture!  I am slowly building up my tool collection and hopefully will be able to master each one of them!
6. Start looking into buying a home.  We want to own a home so badly but have been waiting till i am either working again or really close to it.  I have told Darren though i want to go ahead and start looking into a loan so that we can get an estimate on whether he could get approved or not, how much we could get approved for and then advise on what we could do to up that price, example build more credit, pay off certain things etc.  It is hard knowing what you should do to fix things when you are not sure what is on your credit or even what your credit score is.  They may tell us we need to wait till his truck is closer to being paid off or all the way paid off.  But at least we can start forming a plan and working toward that goal!
7. Reach my 5K goal!! My first 5K was supposed to be in Oct but of course i slacked off and was not ready and have not really gotten back on the wagon.  This is something i truly want to accomplish as i have always wanted to be a runner and i think this would be a HUGE stap toward a healthy life style for me.
8. Cook more home made meals, though if i start changing our eating habits i will have to anyway.  Dont get me wrong, we dont eat out very often as we do not have the money for it but i tend to make a lot of easy things that can go in a microwave or lots of pasta dishes, you know super easy things.  I tend not to make a protein, carb and vegetable like you are supposed to and i really want my kids learning to eat the right way now so they do not have the same weight issues as i do and the possible health issues i could eventually get.
9. Start back to church!! This should actually be my number 1 and i have been saying this for way to long now.  I always seem to think of an accuse as to why i cannot go but i am really doing my kids a serious injustice by not introducing them to God now.  I do talk about him but not nearly like i should or like they would learn in church.
10. Spend more quality time with each of my children. I have had one date night with Dalten so far but i would like to switch off doing that with each of them.  I think they all need their mommy to themselves every once in a while.  And this next story i am going to tell you is a big part of why i dont want to put that quality time off!

That is the end of my list and hopefully at the end of the year i will be able to say i checked off all these things!  On a sadder note, much much sadder.  A girl i went to highschool with died, along with her husband, on Christmas Eve night.  Their 8 month old daughter survived but is in the hospital with many fractures, bruises and two broken legs. I cannot seem to get this story out of my mind.  She was not a friend of mine but i know exactly who she is. She was the all american girl that you wished you could be like.  Super cute, smart, pom squad.  Her husband just graduated from texas A&M with his PHD and was on his why to being an up and coming scientist.  I can't help but think about where they were going or coming from, did they just have their babies first Christmas? or maybe just finish getting those last minute gifts?  I also keep thinking about how that poor baby will never completely know her parents or have brothers and sisters or will never be able to celebrate chrismtas without thinking about the tragedy that took place.  I am really trying to get over this story but it haunts me and i think it is because my worst fear is that i will die and not see my kids grow up or vise versa.  i could not live without my children and the thought of someone else raising them devestates me.  Anyway please pray for the Steigler and Goodpasture family and then love on your family because you truly never know when it is your time to go.


Aspiring Earth Mama said...

I enjoyed reading this. :) Thanks for the shout out. Seth is going to do a blog post on that USDA loan that I think is perfect for you guys, he has also been in the mortgage business for 7 years, so if you want any unbiased advice, he can help you out, especially with credit issues. Looking forward to helping any way I can this next year! I have total faith in you!

Mommy of Three said...

Thanks! I am definitely hoping to really do it this year! I am getting older and have too many things i want to do with the kids that i cant do at this size. Not a fun way to live. I kinda looked into the USDA thing but i think finding the land is what threw me off. We really want to stay near Edmond. I can't remember all the details though. =) I may have to hit Seth up on advise, we really just want to know what kind of options we have out there. I would love to buy a house now but we want to be able to get the most we can as we dont want a "starter" home we want our "forever" home. =)