Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Finally posting some of my Christmas projects

I am so excited about some of my projects, i still have more to go but i wanted to post some pictures of a few of the things i have made this year.  I really hope my family likes the things i give them, personally i find homemade things the best kind of gift but that could just be me. =)  First up is this nativity set.  This is my absolute favorite. I saw it at Under my Umbrella, which is such a fun blog! She is very creative.  She was nice enough to give us the templates and everything.  I of course had to do it the hard way since i am out of ink and i could not get them to enlarge so i free handed them by looking at her pictures. ha  She also does not have the stable or anything so i made that and attached it to the board with a piece of dowel. (i just drilled holes in a board i cut for buttom and then holes in the bottom of stable so that it comes apart). I also attached the angel with a dowel and attached the North star to the angel with some wire.  I was pretty happy with how it turned out! I am making myself and my mother in law one as well. (yes still lots to do before Christmas!!)

These next 3 things i made for Darren's boss, our friends the Nalleys and my brother and sister in law the Halls.  I really hope they like it.  I wish i new the colors of everyones decor so i could personalize them a little better but i am hoping i picked fairly neutral colors. 

I made this sign for My step sister Kimberly and her husband, I need to make one more for my sister in law Debbie Ann as well.  this particular project i saw at Mine for The Making..  I of course just used paint and not vinyl, one of these days i will win a sillouette! lol
This next sign i made for my step sister Kori and her family.

The next pic is what i made Daltens teacher. 

This last picture i am posting i made for our guys handmade gift for our adult dirty santa.  It took me forever to figure out what to take but i like how it turned out. In fact i am making one that says HOGS football for my sisters fellow as he is a huge Hogs fan and has his own mancave to hang it in. =)                    

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