Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Finals are done!!

Well i can FINALLY get back to my crafting as i took my last final last night. Sometimes i could just kick myself for not finishing school before i got married and had kids. =) Live and learn!! Anyway here are just a couple of the things i did in between homework and studying. I am working on LOTS of great things but i cannot really post them until after Christmas since they are presents. =)

I found a tutorial for these cute trees at Shanty 2 Chic..... I however do not have a ruffler foot so i did it the super long way and "ruffled" them by hand. I still love the way they turned out and the colors match my home beautifully. I wish i could leave them up year round!!

This next post i saw an idea for somewhere and i cannot remember where. I hate it too because she has a link to a really cute kissing sillouette you can use. I however am a big dork and wanted to personalize it with my husband and I. We did our pics seperate lol and he had no idea what i was doing. He was wondering why i made him look down for a side view picture. ha Poor guy, he must hate having a wife who is always doing something to embarrass him. lol

 Here is what it looks like on my book shelf.

I really want to add some of these super cute tissue paper trees i found at Mine for the Making.  I want to make one the same height as the picture and then smaller and smaller. I think a gold, red and green tree would look pretty next to it and make it not look so lonely up there!

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