Sunday, November 14, 2010

Things i have made part 2

Okay so this is all i am posting. Believe it or not there is more but i will just have to keep up with them now. =) Some of these things are things i have found on other sites but it has been so long i have no idea which sites to link them back to (even though i dont know how to lonk anyway ha). So i am sorry for not giving credit where credit is due. I will make sure on future posts to have that info.

This first picture is of some reindeer i made for family 2 christmas ago. I actually made 3 and the one not pictured is my fave but it was already with its owner when i took a pic. Also not sure why its blury like that but you can tell what i did. I was quite proud of these and am mad i did not make one for myself. Guess i better go buy a couple of garden posts. =) BTW when i gave these out i had one Uncle ask my husband how much i actually did, now is that sexist or what!! The only part i got help on was cutting the angle on the head because i do not have a tool that goes all the way through i had to turn it over and i could not get it even for the life of me!! i SOOOOOO need more tools. lots and lots of tools, as i LOVE wood working!!

I made this for my husbands desk and i love it. I already plan to make lots more with different sayings on them.

I made this for my moms bookshelf. It looks really good up there!

I made these leaf pillows from a fellow blogger. She is so smart, she found these placemats at walmart, ripped open a seam and filled them up. I just had to copy!! They really make my house feel like fall.

I love this headband though its not a great shot of it. It has 3 petals and 1 bead in the middle. I also made a cute yellow one with three smaller beads in the middle that i love too. This is also from a fellow blogger. Sorry i dont have their link. =(

I dont know why this is sideways but il go with it. You can tell what it is and its all out of t-shirt scraps. I have learned not to throw away anything these days. =)

Kayden likes to put this one in the middle of her forehead and tell me its a head light. lol

Minnie ears for Kayden and her cousins on our trip to Disneyland this summer.

This is a travel cars kit for the boys to play with in the car. I believe you can google car cozie for the tutorial on this one. I think this may be a christmas gift for some little people i know!

Here it is opened up.

A felt crown i made for a friends son. (i actully made 3 for all her sons)

Not a great pic of my two little ones but this is Dalten in his birthday crown. It has the numbers 5 on the side and this is Kayden in her St. Patty's day dress i made her.

Some crowns i made for the J's. =) My nephew and niece Jaxen and Jalyn.

This is a bracelet i made to remember our troops. I also made a pink ribbon one for breast cancer.


Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Those garden post reindeer are fantastic! Love 'em! You've been busy making things... can't wait to see what else you do:)

Kara said...

WOW! You have been a busy lady!! I love EVERYTHING youve made! Those leaf pillows are adorable...I actually have one of those placemats on my buffet! LOL! They are so cute as pillows. I also love your bracelet and the little mat for cars! The minnie clips are TO.DIE.FOR! You are awesome girl!

Mommy of Three said...

Thanks ladies!! I definitely enjoy crafting and though my stuff does not compare to yours i am definitely working on it. ha Hopefully soon i will start making tutorials!