Saturday, November 20, 2010

Finally a few finished crafts and a semi turkey clip tutorial

I made this cute little wreath for my door for the holidays.  I thought it was cute simple and cheap, which is what i am going for at the moment since all extra time needs to be spent on Christmas!! =) I do have to say i have a few picked out i am definitely going to have to make that will stay up the whole year!  I threw some green felt around it to show where it will hang but i will be getting cute ribbon to hang it with NOT FELT. =) Oh also i saw this idea somewhere in blog land but as my last post said my lap top died along with all my favorites. boo!

I was also able to finish a really super cute christmas gift that i am dying to post on here but since i have family that reads this i cant post it. =(  I'll have to after the holidays!

Does anyone else have a gamer husband?  I do thats for sure!!! And i am getting pretty tired of seeing his game room look like this:

So i have finally done something about it!!  I decided to make this CD holder for his wall with his favorite football team.  Now I am sure this could be a lot cuter (especially if it were for a girl haha) but i used all on hand items.  The only thing i bought for it was some extra black ribbon as i ran out halfway through and even though they FINALLY have sooner ribbon i opted not to spend extra money on it.  I mean i love OU but 5 bucks for a thing of ribbon...NOT happening!  My hubby has not hung it up yet so you dont get the finished look with CD's in it but here is what it looks like.  i thought it turned out cute. =)  Boomer Sooner!!

Okay so a girlfriend came over last night to shoot the bull and work on crafts in the process.  I had mentioned making turkey hair clips for our girls so she picked up some things she thought would be cute.  i had figured i would use ribbon but when i saw her idea i liked it so much better!  So here is a small tutorial for it.  First go out and buy these along with some brown, red and orang felt and some googly eyes.
Choose your colors and then cut off the thick pieces to glue to your turkey body for the feathers.  For the turkey body we just cut 2 peanut shaped pieces out of brown felt. roughly about 2 inches but i think mine was a little more.  We just free handed them so we both had differnt sizes but i thought the size looked cute on my daughters head. =)  Here is what it looks like gluing them on.

You can see we just glued them on one at a time on one of the peanut pieces.  After getting them glued on we took the other peanut (body) piece and glued it right on top so it looks like 1 complete body with feathers in the back.  We then glued on googly eyes, a teardrop red felt piece and an orange triangle piece for the nose and then glued a clip on back.  Here is the result. =)

Happy crafting!!

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