Sunday, November 14, 2010

things i have made part 1

Wow as i was uploading these pictures i was surprised at how many things i had done. In fact there are several things i have never taken pics of. =) I will start blogging by project though and maybe just maybe one of these days i will do tutorials like so many of the blogs i follow. They are where i get so many of my ideas from!!

This first picture is of my beuatiful daughter in the valentines dress i made her. 2/14/10 Kayden 2 years old.

She loved making towels into capes so i thought a cape would be PERFECT for her.
These are cans i made for all the guys in my family last christmas, inside they had homemade brownies, bad call bricks and coasters to match their team. I thought they would be great on a desk for pens and pencils or on a dresser for change or whatever they wanted. i thought they were cute. =)

These are key chain chapstick holders. They didnt turn out as cute as they should have but i didnt have the right size ring so it scrunched up on top a little. But still holds chapstick well. =)

My step-sisters are both huge wine drinkers so i thought these wine charms would be great.

A tutu for my neice

And of course a matching tiarra. =)

My huge OU fan husband got a CD holder for his car viser.

These are some little girl shoes i made a friend

These are my favorite of all the shoes i have made. They were for my son. He loved them and they looked soooo comfy!

Some comfy boots or little house slippers/

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Kara said...

ok need to post a tute on how to make those adorable shoes!!! LOVE THEM!