Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Random thoughts Tuesday

We finally got a house. We move in friday. i am so excited and can not wait! Now if only someone else would do the moving for us. =)

Dalten was drawn for school. yeah! so he will defintely be starting next year. i also looked at all the other schools and in the whole district only 1 school did not get completely filled up and have a waiting list. it just happens to be the school who's district we just moved into. woohoo. lucky week for us. =)

Dalten has been pooping on himself again. I just dont know what i am going to do with that kid. so frustrating! maybe now that he will have his own bathroom he will go more. doubtful but maybe.

i have become addicted to craigslist this week. I look at it non stop just waiting for something to pop up i want and in my price range. haha hey thats where i found my house. =)

well i guess i dont have too many random thoughts tonight. my mind is fuzzy cause i am so tired. guess i'll hit the sack. nighty-night


Jessica said...

I'm so glad Dalten will get to start a pre-K program. He's going to LOVE IT!! And I have faith that the potty training will kick in at anytime. It's just a matter of him waking up one day and saying, " Ok, it's time.".

I don't look at Craigslist too much, but know many who do, including Jr., LOL. Be careful on there though-- DeAnna got scammed pretty bad last Christmas time.

Mommy of Three said...

oh no that sucks! i only buy things i pay for when i pick it up so i should be good. =)