Saturday, April 11, 2009

havent blogged in a while

So i have been kinda skipping out on the whole blogging thing. This has been a crazy week. I thought i was pregnant with number 4. whew scary!! lol Though i dont think i will ever feel that done feeling i know beyond a doubt we are not ready for another one. so lets just say that scared some perspective my direction. Darren is getting closer to testing his stuff to make sure he is all good so that will be a relief not having to worry about it anymore. Now let me just pray nothing is wrong with me and i start soon. It is very unusual for me to be late. especially this late. Jess maybe you shouldnt mention this to Darrell just yet. Darren may get mad at me if he brings it up and he wasnt the one that told him. =)

On a happier note Dalten has pooped on the potty the last two days. For anyone reading this who doesnt know i have been potty training my son for forever!! He pooped and peed on the potty for an entire month before our 3rd son was born and then reverted back to not going at all. I heard some kids do that for a little while but i had no idea it would be 8 months before he would start again. I have not put him in a diaper since his 4th birthday but he has pooped on himself almost every day. He hasnt had any pee accidents but i am constantly saying do you have to pee, do you have to poop? Finally yesterday he goes oh man i gotta poop and jets to the bathroom. woohoo!! finally! He did it again today. I have not had to prompt him on peeing or pooping. i am praying this is finally the end of accidents. at least for the most part. I really want him to start pre-k this year and i told him they will kick him out if he poops on himself. lol I sign him up on monday. what a scary thought! they just grow so darn fast.

Since i am giving dalten props i better give kayden props too. She is my newly 2 year old and she poops and pees on the potty all the time. I havent truly started potty training her but she does it on her own. She pulls her pants and diaper off and runs to the bathroom door yelling i gotta poo poo. lol

I guess that is about it for my updates this week. I hope everyone has a great easter sunday. I wish we didnt have to celebrate inside but it should still be nice for the kiddos. =)


Jessica said...

Oh. My. God. Are you for realz?? I would be so scared. Did you actually take a pregnancy test?? I hope you're okay. And no worries, I won't mention to Jr..
And WOOT WOOT to Dalten & Kayden for potty power!!!
Hope you guys had a great Easter. I can't wait to upload some of my pics. I got THE BEST picture of Jaxen!!! I can't quit looking at it, LOL!

Mommy of Three said...

oh thats awesome. cant wait to see them. Yes i took one and it was avery faint positive so i went to the health department 4 days later totally expecting a positive since i was 13 days late plus had a semi positive already but nope i wasnt and i started this morning so i am all good. whew! lol