Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random thoughts Tuesday

So Darren has gone out the last two weekends in a row. I decided this would be my weekend. I get home while ago and have an email inviting darren to a bachelor party this weekend. I just cant catch a damn break!! I dont think anyone realizes just how bad i need a drink. lol

On the same note as above i told Darren that when i go out this time i am staying the night with his mom (as he always does) and he is getting up through the night with the kids and waking up with them in the morning. Our oldest son is 4 and Darren has never gotten up with the kids. In fact i have only gone out one time to drink and left him with the kids. And that one time i went i had to be home by 11 and was still expected to get up with the kids in the morning. Now i guess in all fairness its not like it was demanded of me by him he just didnt get up. So i think it is very much my turn to sleep in.

Still on search for a house. It is getting very frustrating and very dissapointing. I guess people are getting very strict now that the market is the way it is. argh!!

On a good note since my last thoughts were all b*tching i got a new table today. new to me anyway. haha Now i am on the search for beds and a computer table.

Daven had his 9 month checkup today. He weights 20 lbs. He is in the 50% tile and for anyone who thinks that is big he is my first baby not to be in the 90%, so to me he is super tiny!! He was growing perfectly and right on schedule with all his milestones. I think he will be walking soon, which would mean my earliest walker. But you never can tell i could be wrong. He sure loves to let go though.

My oldest Dalten is forever stubbing his toe outside. It never fails everytime he goes out without shoes he comes in bleeding. You would think he would learn to throw his shoes on! ha. Anyway yesterday he went out and tore off half his big toe nail. it is so gross and he hurts so bad. i feel so bad for him. he cant even walk on it. my poor little big boy.

And on a fabulous note it is coming up on two weeks with absolutely NO POTTY ACCIDENTS!! woohoo!! He is finally truly my big boy.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far.


Jessica said...

I knew when Alison's email came thru asking for your address that that was not going to be good news, LOL. Guess I ought to go tell Jr. he was invited too, hehe:) And on that note, I TOTALLY agree that he should have to get up with the kids. I know I've said it before, but I would have been making him get up with them long before now;) But I'm a bigger bitch about that than you, LOL.

I'm sorry you've having so much trouble finding a house. It's never easy, but definitely not with three kids:( Landlords csn be such assholes!

Mommy of Three said...

I just wonder why Judy's isnt the same night and if it is why the hell i wasnt invited. lol I agree i should have made him long ago. I am such a sucker. ha actually i think it is just he was never home so i got used to it. =)maybe the foloowing weekend i will make it out and you can join me. =) i have no one to go out with. lol

Jessica said...

I don't know anything about Judy's either. I know they are leaving for Jamaica soon, so who knows?! Next weekend will be the first weekend of May (which is close to Debbie's birthday). I wonder if anyone has any plans for that yet??? Heard anything?

Mommy of Three said...

oh you know i had not thought of that. i have not heard a word. i'll have to ask her about it. of course if we cant get a babysitter darren would trump me on that one too. lol i'll let you know if i hear something and vise versa. =)

ToddKill said...

What kind of beds are you looking for? I think we have a Full size about to come available. It's a plain bookcase style headboard but it works.

Mommy of Three said...

Let me know how much you want for it. We owe my mom a full size. lol my kids can tear up anything. ha