Friday, March 27, 2009

Staying a mommy of three

Well i figure i better go ahead and write my first blog. For those of you who do not know me, my children are my life. They are the reason i wake up every morning (literally since it is crying i wake up to lol) and the reason i go to bed each night (because i am extremely exhausted from them wearing me out all day =)) But i absolutely adore them and wish i could continue having more. I always thought i would know when i was done but i have never reached that point. I know several people who were 100% sure after their first or second child that that was it for them. But here i am three kids later and i am still getting that yearning. They seem to get so independant so fast. I miss that tiny baby that just wants you to hold them and love them. My husband on the other hand is DONE. He got the "i know" feeling. Of course he had the i know feeling after two so i should count myself blessed i got 3. And i do very much! I also completely agree with the fact we need to stop as kids are expensive and we havent won the lottery yet. =) I just cant shake that yearning feeling. Maybe one day i will but untill then i will just continue to love on my sweet babies and since my husband got fixed today enjoy staying a mommy of three.

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Jessica said...

Eek! I just now saw that you HAD posted a blog, LOL. Sorry! I've got you on my blogroll now so that I won't miss out on anymore.

I don't know that "that yearning" ever fully goes away. I still have it ocassionally (even though I've known for years that we were done.) I just try to focus on providing an even better life for the two that I was blessed to have. And your kids are going to be such good buddies since they are so close in age, which is an amazing blessing in itself. Just think when they are older (past the teenage years, LOL) and actually want to hang out and spend time together. That is going to be so awesome to see!!!