Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random thoughts Tuesday

I am stealing this idea from my sister in law Jess. I thought it was cute..along with your wordless wed. Jess. =)

I just celebrated my kids birthday party and i already have both their birthday parties planned in my head for next year. All the way down to the cake. lol Yes i am weird!!

i sometimes feel like my child will be the last kid on the planet to potty train! and on that note i would love to send him to a potty training school. lol do they have those?

I just finished the book Twilight and it is so much better then the movie. It is crazy to me some of the important things a movie leaves out. I can't wait to start reading on the others.

Daven said dada yesterday for the first time. I was hoping at least one of my kids would say my name first but i guess it wasnt meant to happen. even though he says nana (pronounced like mama) so i am pretty sure he is calling for me. =)

Well i guess that is all the random thoughts i can think of at the moment. It is crazy how easily my mind can shut off from what i am doing when i hear my kids in the other room. I swear people probably think i am special when we are out in public. My train of thought is always gone. lol

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