Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dalten Ezrick

My oldest little man turned 4 years old last Wed. Its so crazy how time flies by! of course i have had two other children in those four years so that helped speed it along. =) I still remember the excitement i had walking into the hospital at 5:30 that morning. It's so crazy the imaginings you can have about the unknown. I was scheduled for a c-section as Dalten was estimated to be very large. He did not dissapoint either as he came out a whopping 10lbs 4 oz (not even my largest baby). He looked like a gigantic sumo wrestler. lol I wish i had a picture saved on here right now so i could post it. It is soo funny! He was beautiful though. Black hair, black eyes, big dimples, perfect skin. I have enjoyed watching every moment of his life. Though excitement is there with every child you have it's not the same feeling as it is with your first. I don't mean the birth of the child but all of the firsts they have. The first smile, first word, first step, first i love you, etc. You can not replace that feeling with anything. Anyway i got way of what i meant to blog about. Tonight we have been getting ready for the birthday party we are throwing at chuck e cheese tomorrow. I made a huge cookie cake for Dalten and lots of cupcakes for Kayden. I decorated her tinkerbell cupcakes and Darren is decoreating the Ben 10 cake. I really hope this turns out well. He is a very good drawer but this is his first time working on a cake. =) Dalten is and always has been my little helper in the baking department. So tonight when i called him in to help me mix the cake batter (he helped me make his cake last wed.) he said "oh wow mom my cake, did i turn 5 now". lmao. he was so excited about this. He is definitely my comedian. I can always get a giggle when he is talking. Well my train of thought is gone, my 8 month old is screaming so i will leave it at that. thanks for listening to my ramblings. most of my blogs will be just that, ramblings! =)


Jessica said...

We had a great time at the party. I couldn't believe it when we got to the car & I saw the clock- HOLY SHIT! We survived FOUR hours of Chuck E. Cheese, LOL!

And I must say: I have NO idea how you keep up with three little ones. Whew. You are SUPERMOM!

Mommy of Three said...

all i can say is it was soooo nice having all the family there to help me. it actually felt like a break from them. lol