Monday, September 13, 2010


Can i just say i HATE the word diet. I feel like this has been a word ingrained into me since i was a little girl. It is something i have always been doing or been avoiding. I have done so many "diets" that i am pretty sure my body and metabolism are probably messed up for life. I was certainly not blessed with a metabolism worth a hoot and have always been bigger than my peers but i by no means believe i have to be fat. I know that my eating habits are what contribute to this. Yes alot of people (like my husband) have no problem eating pizza and fries and mexican and all the other yummies i dont want to mention because they are making me hungry, without gaining an ounce. Is it horrible that i want to eat like that too? No it's not horrible, it's human, but I have to be realistic and know that i cannot do that without gaining LOTS of ounces. Last summer I heard about this great new diet called HCG. I tried it, it worked, I lost 70 lbs. But just like most fad diets once i got off there program i gained and i gained and i gained some more. This time however I have stopped myself before i gained it all back. I am still disspointed i let myself inch this far up but nothing i can do about it now but work hard to lose it. So I have now been back on the diet front for a week now and i lost 7 lbs. I know that is not a realistic number to expect every week but i am happy i am going in the right direction. This diet is called the body for life diet. Though it is a "book" diet, i dont feel it is a fad diet as it is just eating healthy (a protein, a carb and a vegatable) and working out. Duh, shouldnt i be doing that anyway? =) The only difference is, once a week i get a cheat day to eat whatever i want. I like this part because when i am craving something really bad i just tell myself 2 more days and i can have it. This is also nice because i can still participate in family gatherings, football parties, birthday parties, etc. You know all the things that tend to hinder us while eating healthy. It's not fun going to a party surrounded by yummy goodness and not being able to participate. Especially when your entire life seems to revolve around what you are eating. I wish i was not like this, but i am. I seem to constantly be thinking about food in one way or another. I hope to grow out of this one day but since i am 30 i dont know if i will. My mom is like this too, i am just trying really hard not to pass these habits down to my kids. Even if they get Darren's metabolism and not mine i still want them choosing healthy foods!! And not using foods as a treat, present, comfort food, etc. Anyway, off to another week of choosing right!

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