Thursday, December 10, 2009

30th Birthday weight loss goal acheived..score!

I have reached a couple of milestones in my weight loss journey. The first one being I am now at the weight I was when I met my husband and most of my current friends over 8 years ago. Unfortanetly i am still 1 1/2 sizes larger than i was then. Gaining so much weight during kids plus just having three kids really proportioned my body a lot different (mainly in the gut, which i can not wait to have surgically removed lol). I say 1 1/2 sizes because though i can fit in 1 size up from what i was then it is a little tight in the tummy (that huge gut area i was just talking about)and being big i am just more comfortable wearing my clothes big even though they probably make me look larger. Still I am very excited to have reached this weight and look foward to continuing this journey and reaching sizes my husband has never seen me in. =)

This paragragh is about my 2nd milestone. This is a milestone that i never imagined i would have to face but nevertheless did so i thought i would share it with you in hopes to remind myslef of the humiliation i have felt about it so that i will always continue the determination to never backtrack. I know by example how easy it is to lose and gain lose and gain lose and gain and i am so tired of being on that yo-yo. After my husband and i got together umpt years ago (cause i have no idea when we got together lol) i switched from a run around job to a desk job. Between that time and the time i got pregnant i gained 30 lbs. 30 lbs when you are already over weight is a huge deal. During pregnancy though i was warned over and over and over again i gained at every visit. Being over weight i should only have gained about 15-20 lbs though the whole pregnancy. I remember walking into the Dr's office the week before my scheduled c-section and realizing i had gained 70 lbs. Not only did i gain 70 lbs but i reached a number i never thought possible and i was extremely horrified and disgusted all at the same time, not to mention hormonal so i am sure you can only imagine what darren went through the rest of the day. ha More then likely i went home and ate my feelings away so no telling how much i gained during the next week before my c-section. If you added those two numbers up I am sure you saw I gained 100 lbs after i met my husband. And this is me meeting my husband already very much over-weight. Pretty scary! I can't believe he married me looking like that. (we got married when i was 9 months pregnant and had only been engaged 1.5 months so yes i had already gained it all). But, as i am sure you all have figured out many sentences ago, I have finally lost the 100 lbs i gained. I still have anywhere from 50-70 more lbs to lose and no that will not put me skin and bones, in fact i will still be considered chubby to most but my goal is not to be skinny. I have never been skinny and i am just fine with that. I have a husband who loves me no matter what weight i am and 3 great kids. My goal is to be healthy for them so i can grow to be very very old, so that i can have the energy to keep up with them, and so that i never have to worry about whether or not i can fit on a ride they want to enjoy. Basically I want to live with them and not just watch them live.

I am attaching the first picture of us after becomming a family. Dalten's birthday 3/18/05. it is a very embarassing picture i never in my life thought i would share but i wanted you to see how far i have come. The second picture is our family pictures from November 09. My kids ages are 4,2, and 1.


Jenn said...

Congrats, Girl! I am SO PROUD of YOU!!!!! I know what a struggle weight-loss can be. I've been a heavy yo-yo my entire life.
You look awesome!!! Your extreme outer beauty matches your extreme inner beauty. Keep up the good work! You can do this... I know you can! = )

Chan said...

You look great Kristy! That is great! I am so jealous I wish I could just get into the mode it sounds like you will hit your next milestone before you even know it!

Anonymous said...

You know how I proud of you I am...but once again...I'm SO proud of you:) You've never been big in my eyes, yet I can still see and appreciate the extreme progress you've made. I'm really happy for you, because I know how much happier it makes you!!