Monday, December 28, 2009

2010 tradition

So I thought of a new tradition to start this year and thought i would share in case anyone else liked the idea and wanted to do it too. I wish i had started it before Dalten came along. I am cutting out the numbers 2010 and since there are 5 of us an exlamation point too and taking a picture January 1st with us holding them. At the end of the year I am going to make a photo albulm of my favorite pics from the year with that one being the cover. I am sad I have not done this sooner. I thought it would be a cute way to document the kids growth along with a reason to make a photo albulm every year. =) Anyway that is what I will be doing from now on so thought i would share. =) Hey Jess, since I know you will read this at some point maybe we can start doing it at midnight on our future New Years parties. That could be one of the crafts the kids do----decorate the numbers for us. =)We may all be in our PJ's but i think that would be super cute. =)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I have been so bogged down with getting all my gifts done I feel like i have had no time to do anything. Now that the holiday is over and my house is halfway cleaned up i figured i would take some time for me. I even started a new book today. Man I havent read a book since school started last August. Man how i have missed reading. Hope everyone has a wonderful New Years and for those who drink please be smart and safe. I will be spending New Years at my mother in laws. It is our last adult party. After this year we will have family New Years eves and i find myself looking much more foward to that!! My kids are the last grandkids of the family and the very youngest so now that they are almost at the age that they can understand what new years means it will be exciting to let them stay up and ring it in with us. Daven probably wont be ready yet but Dalten for sure and possibly Kayden. Anyway thats a whole year away but like i said i am looking very forward to that! Any chance my kids get to spend and make traditions with their cousins is great for me. My favorite childhood memories are from times spent with my cousins. I want my kids to be as close to their cousins as i am to mine. okay so i will stop rambling. lol Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I meant to come back and comment on this sooner. I LOVE this idea, and your photo for this year was so cute. I'm totally down with the NYE ideas--jammies, hot cocoa, board games....I'm already excited!

Mommy of Three said...

me too! the kids will have so much fun together. That will definitely be one party i'll start preparing for early as far as ideas go. The picture is photoshopped a little lol. I can totally tell too i need to fix it some but Darren only let me take 3 pictures and i am sure you can only imagine how hard it is to push the botton, run back and sit down pulling miss Kayden on me and trying to make sure our letters are right. lol

Christensen Family said...

Hi Kristy! I was just sending out an email about my upcoming Mom's Photography class and I realized I don't have your email. Could you send it my way! I'd love to finally meet you!

Mommy of Three said...

I am sure you already got it by my response to your other post but just in case it is I look forward to meeting you too!! =)