Wednesday, September 23, 2009

weight loss

I realize I have not updated in a while so here it goes. I am still doing very well. I have lost another 20 lbs bringing the total to 50. I know that sounds like a lot but embarassingly enough most people can't even tell I have lost weight. I have a long way to go but hey at least I am doing it. =) I have not been this size since before I got pregnant with Dalten over 5 years ago so that is a huge achievment for me. I am shaped differently after 3 HUGE kids though so I am still a larger size than I was then. That part is NO fun. I am 20 lbs from my first major milestone. I hope to reach this by my 30th birthday in December. This will put me at the weight i was when I met Darren and all of my current friends and in laws. Every pound after that will be so much fun because I know it will be a weight my husband has never seen me at. It will be another milestone as well but I will wait till I hit it and blog about it then. =)


Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic!!! I could totally tell when I saw you at D's bday party. And it's so true that having children will change your shape forever (Lord knows it has mine as well), but what a sacrifice to make for those beautiful kiddos:) WOOT WOOT! I am SO proud of you!! And just think how your confidence level is going to keep increasing as you lose even more weight. Darren isn't going to know what hit him!

Mommy of Three said...

thanks girl, and yes not sure how Darren will re-act. He is super jealous now i dont want to imagine then. =)

Anonymous said...

LOL- I felt that Jr. got even more insecure when I lost weight too. I think it's normal and to be expected, but he'll get over it:)