Saturday, September 26, 2009

Things I LOVE about my kids

I LOVE the way Kayden sings ALL the time.
I LOVE the lyrics she makes up while singing. =)
I LOVE taking Daven out of his crib in the morning and having him tuck himself into me as tight as he can.
I LOVE the way Dalten can make me laugh just by laughing.
I LOVE that Dalten loves to learn.
I LOVE that my kids all fight over me and say "my mom" even though I get on to them and explain there is room enough for me to hold all of them.
I LOVE that my kids all love books and reading.
I LOVE that they are learning to play together.
I LOVE how much they LOVE each other.
I LOVE the way Dalten's eyes light up when he sees me after school and runs and jumps into my arms.
I LOVE how Kayden wraps her arms around him and squeezes so tight Dalten screams before she will release him to his seat after school.
I LOVE that they still need me to kiss there boo-boos before they are better.

I could seriously go on for days and days, between Daltens humor and animation, Kaydens very creative imagination, and Daven's sweet innocent charm. I am going to miss these days very much. Children grow so quickly. It honestly seems like yesterday I was learning how to nurse Dalten in the hospital. Can he really be creaping up on five? Can I really have three children who are quickly growing into their own little people and slowly not needing me as much? I swear I could be the mom of 18 children and counting. I honestly completely understand why people keep going. Children are such wonderful little beings and I have been so blessed with the three I have!


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post... isn't it funny how we could go on and on and on and on and on and on, well, you get the point, lOL!!

Hope you're feeling better!!! Please kiss those sweet kiddos for me!!

Chan said...

I love this post it is beautiful!