Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Daltens First day of school

I am just going to post some pics for my brother Jon in case he is still checking out my blog. =) Dalten did great today,wheni asked what he learned he couldnt remember. when i asked if he went to the potty he said yes i peed but the girl next to me was pooping. lol He was all smiles so i know he liked it. Today started out rough though. it was a complete down pour, i had to park a block away,push a stroller with two kiddos, hold ones hand, and carry the schhol supply bag, book bag, and camera bag. We were drenched by the time we got there. no fun!! Then i came out to a flat tire. ha at least the year can only get better! I was too busy to get weepy and didnt have time to get hardly anything done before picking him up so i am pretty sure this year i will be just fine. now all day kindergarden next year i may be having a different story

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Anonymous said...

Hope Dalten has a great week at school-- and that you do too!! Good luck:)