Monday, November 9, 2009

Handmade gift ideas

So this year I am trying to make as many homemade gifts as I can. Staying home does not leave a lot of money in the pockets plus I LOVE doing crafts and to me a handmade gift is so much funner to give then a bought one. Maybe it is because i have taken the time to make something to show someone how much i care about them. Anyway I am super excited to have finally gotten some ideas to make for the family. Google and I do not get along that well so I have had tons of problems finding ideas that are not handmade gifts for sale by other people. =) I am having trouble finding guy ideas so if anyone has some feel free to shoot them my way. As long as they turn out good though I have some ideas for a few of the woman in my life and I have an idea for my husband so I can now officially start. =) Hope everyone else is enjoying gearing up for the holiday season. This is my favorite time of the year!

Here is a picture of the homemade gifts I made last year for 3 of my family members to sit on their front porches. They seemed to like them. =)


overflowingbookshelf said...

I LOVE the reindeers, and still wish I had one for my porch. I think they are adorable!!! I have yet to really start my research for our gift-giving. I need to get on the ball. Now that my show is out of the way, I can quit worrying about that, and start focusing on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Did I tell you my mom sent me a postcard telling me that my sister and I were in charge of dinner this year? This is my thing---if she had just asked me and said, Hey would you mind?, I would have had no problem with it. But the way it was worded really pissed me off. So I guess I'm going to have to go down the night before and help my sister, and then eat and clean up on Thursday and then drive back for Debbie's Thanksgiving. What ever happened to a nice, relaxing holiday? I'm not pleased.

Mommy of Three said...

Oh no that is awful! i understand a pot luck type of thing but you live hours away not around the corner. And i would be upset if i recieved the demand in a card instead of a call as well. that is very surprising. sorry girl!! Also I have started little projects for this Christmas but have not found what i want to do for the gift exchange. Nothing is popping out at me.